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July 2018 Archives

What are the common causes of falls on construction sites?

As most residents in New York City can attest, construction projects are ongoing. While the concrete jungle continues to expand and improve, construction workers are often faced with working at great heights. Although there are mechanisms to increase the safety of these workers, the reality is that training, monitoring and safety equipment can only do so much.

Helping passerby victims of a construction accident

A construction project can be huge and lengthy. Not only are there many working parts to the project, there are also many people involved in the process. Beyond just the construction workers that are employed to complete the project, residents in the area must continue their life around the construction project. While many safety precautions are implemented to ensure no one gets hurt, the unfortunate reality is that construction workers and even a passerby could be injured because of negligence on a construction site.

Understanding the basics of workers' comp

New York residents might be apprehensive about working in certain industries. Maybe the work isn't for them; however, when a job entails more risks than the average work environment, it can cause someone to give such a position a second thought. Nonetheless, individuals work in these environments despite the fact that they cause a worker to face various dangers. It should be noted, however, that whether it is a risky work industry or not, when an employee is injured, he or she has recourses available to them.

Parents still drive distracted with kids in the car

As dangerous as it is to do, people won’t stop using their cell phone while driving. Even with an historic spike in traffic fatalities in the U.S, people continue to drive distracted. Surely, the one time the phone should be put away is when a parent is driving with their children as passengers. For many parents however, it is not a deterrent at all.

Harlem man killed in hit-and-run

Living in a major city like New York means that individuals are often walking in areas where there is much traffic. While it is easy to get used to the constant traffic, the fact of the matter is that motorist may not always be aware of their surroundings and the pedestrians around them. Failing to see and stop for a pedestrian, whether they are in a crosswalk or not, could result in a serious or even fatal collision.

Five ways to protect yourself from a scaffolding injury

All five New York boroughs see a massive increase in construction throughout the summer months. In a short time, skilled construction workers create and amend essential buildings. Exteriors and roofs may require the use of scaffolding—putting you at risk while you’re elevated above a construction site.

Man killed in New York motorcycle crash

In New York and elsewhere, it is common for motorcyclist to hit the road on a nice day. Whether it is to run an errand, attend school, go to work or to simply enjoy the ride, motorcyclists share the road with vehicles of different sizes. This not only means that a motorcycle can easily go unnoticed because they are hidden in blind spots, but it also means that if a larger vehicle were to strike a motorcyclist, it is likely to cause serious injuries, much damage and even deaths.

How often do distracted driving crashes occur?

Whether it is at home or at work, we all encounter distractions. These can be minimal or major, but the reality of the situation is that a distraction causes a person to not do that task that they are intending to. For some, this means lost time but for others it could mean life altering repercussions. When distractions occur when a person is behind the wheel of a vehicle, this could result in a motorist causing a car accident. This is a serious situation, as distracted driving is considered just as dangerous as drinking and driving.

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