A construction project can be huge and lengthy. Not only are there many working parts to the project, there are also many people involved in the process. Beyond just the construction workers that are employed to complete the project, residents in the area must continue their life around the construction project. While many safety precautions are implemented to ensure no one gets hurt, the unfortunate reality is that construction workers and even a passerby could be injured because of negligence on a construction site.

A construction accident can be a shocking event, especially for those not working on the sire. Whether it is a dangerous condition caused by the construction site or falling debris, a passerby could suffer serious injuries because of a construction accident. At Marder, Eskeen & Nass, our law firm is dedicated to helping victims of a construction accident in the New York City area understand their rights and options.

Whether it is road, building high-rise or housing construction, certain precautions should be implemented to ensure the safety of the general public that comes into contact with the construction site. If dangers exist or an accident, such as falling debris, occurs, it is possible for those injured by these incidents to take action.

Our law firm will take the time to explore the details of these matters. A negligence claim could help hold a property owner of a construction company liable for this type of accident. This legal action could also help with the recover of compensation to help address medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other related damages.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s construction accidents website. Construction sites can be very dangerous locations, putting both workers and those passing by at risk. In these matters, it is important that those injured in a construction accident understand their rights when it comes to addressing the financial damages caused by the incident.