New York residents might be apprehensive about working in certain industries. Maybe the work isn’t for them; however, when a job entails more risks than the average work environment, it can cause someone to give such a position a second thought. Nonetheless, individuals work in these environments despite the fact that they cause a worker to face various dangers. It should be noted, however, that whether it is a risky work industry or not, when an employee is injured, he or she has recourses available to them.

When an employee suffers an injury on-the-job, he or she is most likely eligible to collect workers’ compensation benefits while he or she recuperates from the injury. The application process for these benefits is designed to be quick and easy for injured employees with work-related injuries; however, some obstacles might occur along the way.

To begin, the injury must be work-related. This means that it occurred during the course or work. One should note that fault usually does not matter. This means that even if the employee’s own negligence caused the injury, it is still possible to recover workers’ comp benefits. The main purpose of this benefit is to cover lost wages, medical bills and other financial hardships caused by the incident.

Various types of injuries are covered by workers’ compensation. This includes back injuries, falls, burns respiratory ailments that are related to using chemicals, injuries fro traffic collisions, stress-related injuries and repetitive motion injuries. Injuries no eligible for these benefits are those caused by employee misconduct, injuries that occurred outside the scope of employment and injuries that were caused by acts of God.

If you have been injured on the job, it is important to understand what rights are afforded to you and what steps are necessary to take. This not only helps one recover but it can help address the financial hardships that follow a workplace accident.