As most residents in New York City can attest, construction projects are ongoing. While the concrete jungle continues to expand and improve, construction workers are often faced with working at great heights. Although there are mechanisms to increase the safety of these workers, the reality is that training, monitoring and safety equipment can only do so much.

What are the common causes of falls on construction sites? There are several hazards that could lead to fall injuries or fatalities in the construction industry.

Scaffoldings can create fall hazards. If they are not erected or used properly, scaffolds can be highly dangerous. It is estimated that 4,500 injuries and 50 fatalities occur ach year because of scaffold-related accidents.

Many fall accidents at job sites involve ladders. If the incorrect ladder type is used or not used properly, workers could fall, suffering serious injuries.

But it’s not just temporary structures that can lead to falls at construction sites. Many injuries occur on stairways. When tools, debris or other materials are left on stairways, they can lead to trips, slips and falls. Additionally, if tread is not covering the entire step and landing, this too could lead to a fall.

When a fall occurs on a construction site, it is important to understand the cause. It is also vital to explore your rights and options, such as seeking workers’ compensation benefits. Additionally, it may be beneficial to further investigating the matter, determining if a third party is liable for the accident that occurred.