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August 2018 Archives

New York's premises liability laws can prove fault, seek damages

New York City is a busy and bustling place. With all the action, people and things happening, life moves pretty quick. However, it only takes an instant to be injured in a premises liability related incident. With all the people milling around Manhattan, property owners are expected to keep their properties maintained and up to date.

High rate of drowsy drivers during the holidays

Although summer is coming to a close, residents in New York and elsewhere are prepared for Labor Day and the other holidays that occur in the fall and winter months. Summer vacation and holidays often mean traveling to spend time with friends and family in order to celebrate these events. While this is common, it is also something that increases the risks on the roadways. In fact, there are concerns that go beyond the typical high rate of intoxicated drivers on the roads.

The dangers of bicycle accidents among deliverymen

Individuals in New York and elsewhere are on or near the roadways for a wide variety of reasons. Whether it is for work, school or recreation activities, there are a wide variety of vehicles used to get around the city. For some, bicycles are their main source of transportation. While this is a convenient source, it is also one that presents risks and could be involved in a serious or even fatal accident.

What does workers' comp offer injured construction workers?

Whether its their first day or 25th year working in the business, construction workers are most certainly aware of the dangers that go with this line of work. While the risks are apparent, it does not make it any easier on a construction worker when an accident does happen. Whether a New York construction worker is working on a commercial building, a residence or a high rise, it is important to understand what options are available to an injured worker such as workers' compensation.

What could cause an outdoor slip and fall accident?

New Yorkers spend a lot of time walking to and from places. Whether it is from their residence to school, the subway to a store or a vehicle to his or her work, individuals in New York find themselves walking outside a lot of buildings, residences and establishments. While this seems like a normal and routine thing, the reality is that there are risks when even walking outside the property of others. A slip or a fall is often thought to occur indoors; however, they can also happen outside the premises.

Ways parents can minimize distracted driving for their children

With the school year on the horizon, many teenagers who recently got their licenses will be on the streets of New York much more often. It is an important part of their developments, but it is also one of the most dangerous. The New York Department of Health reports that motor vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes for teen deaths in the state.

Actions taken to address drowsy driving

Based on the rate of automobile collisions occurring in New York and other states across the nation, government agencies continue to explore the causes. By targeting the factors that lead to serious and fatal crashes, campaigns can be issued and even laws can be passed to penalize motorists for certain forms of negligence occurring behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, these proposed don't always come to be, and safety and preventative measures do not always stop drivers from being negligent and causing a car accident.

Asbestos exposure and work-related illnesses

The work environment can look vastly different from one person to the next. While some workers work in offices, other industries require workers to work in environments that present with them some risks. While there is a chance that injuries could occur because o dangerous conditions, workers should also consider the risks of developing a work-related illness as well.

Helping you secure compensation following an automobile crash

Due to the high number of vehicles traveling in the New York City metropolitan area, it comes with no surprise that a high number of automobile collisions occur in this area. Whether its rush hour or not, drivers are faced with many risks and dangers. A driver may be speeding, distracted, reckless or even intoxicated. A negligent driver is a major risk on the roadways, causing serious and even fatal collisions in New York and other states across the nation.

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