Due to the high number of vehicles traveling in the New York City metropolitan area, it comes with no surprise that a high number of automobile collisions occur in this area. Whether its rush hour or not, drivers are faced with many risks and dangers. A driver may be speeding, distracted, reckless or even intoxicated. A negligent driver is a major risk on the roadways, causing serious and even fatal collisions in New York and other states across the nation.

Due to the fast nature of the city, New Yorkers do not often stay put. However, when a motor vehicle accident occurs, city dwellers will stop in their tracks as their life is suddenly put on pause by the shocking and traumatic nature of the car crash. At Marder, Eskesen & Nass, our attorneys understand the devastation that often follows a car crash; therefore, we are dedicated to helping clients in the Manhattan area understand their rights and legal recourses following a car accident.

Much pain and suffering and damages could follow a car crash, and our law firm understands how this can cause financial hardships for accident victims. It is our goal to protect the rights and interests of our clients, helping them prove the damages suffered, uncover evidence that indicates liability and ensure they are made whole again with a monetary award.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s motor vehicle accidents website. A car crash can completely turn a victim’s life upside down. Not only is their pain and suffering associated with the injuries suffered, a victim has to deal with the time required to go through treatment and heal and address the financial hardships caused by medical bills and lost wages. A personal injury action could help address these damages while also helping to hold a negligent driver accountable.