New York City is a busy and bustling place. With all the action, people and things happening, life moves pretty quick. However, it only takes an instant to be injured in a premises liability related incident. With all the people milling around Manhattan, property owners are expected to keep their properties maintained and up to date.

Failure to do so could easily result in a premises liability incident. You may not even actually enter the inside of a property when you are injured. Raised sidewalks, falling objects and inadequate lighting could easily cause accident injury on a Manhattan property. It becomes even more of a liability if the property is being renovated, as doing construction in such tight quarters can pose a hazard to the public.

Premises liability claims allege that the property owner or a related party was negligent in the upkeep of their property or during some activity that interfered with a person’s well-being and thus, injury resulted. At Marder Eeskesen & Nass, we know how serious injuries surrounding a premises liability incident can be and how they can turn a person’s life upside-down. Seeking damages related to the incident, like lost wages and medical expenses, can help to ease the financial burden that resulted from accident injury. Premises liability law is very specific in New York City, and it’s specifically designed to help keep the public safe from potentially dangerous properties.

For those who have suffered injury on a person’s property, whether public or private, you may have a legitimate case to seek injuries. Any variety of incidents could have happened that would qualify as premises liability claim, so don’t delay if you have been injured. Doing a prompt and thorough investigation into the incident can uncover clues as to fault. These clues can be used to file suit.