New Yorkers spend a lot of time walking to and from places. Whether it is from their residence to school, the subway to a store or a vehicle to his or her work, individuals in New York find themselves walking outside a lot of buildings, residences and establishments. While this seems like a normal and routine thing, the reality is that there are risks when even walking outside the property of others. A slip or a fall is often thought to occur indoors; however, they can also happen outside the premises.

What could cause an outdoor slip and fall accident? Slip and fall accident are unfortunately common, but they do not always occur indoors. There are many conditions that could result in a slip and fall outdoors. The winter months are a prime time for these incidents. Pedestrians are faced with dangers because of icy sidewalks, paths and parking lots.

In addition to weather conditions, careless maintenance can also contribute to falls outdoors. The sidewalk, parking lot and any path used to walk on must be properly maintained. This means addressing holes, uneven areas and clearing any debris. If there are known dangers or dangers that the property owner should know about, these should be properly addressed and fixed.

Finally, inadequate lighting could contribute to slip and falls outside. Businesses should ensure that there is proper lighting. This helps patrons see curbs, steps, stairs and other obstacles, such as cracks, holes and uneven surfaces. If a patron cannot travel safely on the premises no matter the time of day, this can be a major risk.

When a slip and fall occurs, those harmed should consider their rights and options. If a negligent property owner is to blame, it is possible to hold them accountable. A premises liability action can help prove liability and assist a victim with the recovery of compensation. This could offset losses such as medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages.