Whether its their first day or 25th year working in the business, construction workers are most certainly aware of the dangers that go with this line of work. While the risks are apparent, it does not make it any easier on a construction worker when an accident does happen. Whether a New York construction worker is working on a commercial building, a residence or a high rise, it is important to understand what options are available to an injured worker such as workers’ compensation.

What benefit does workers’ comp offer injured construction workers? While workers’ comp is widely known term, it is not always apparent that this is a real option for a worker. In the immediate aftermath of an accident, much focus goes on recovering after an injury; however, this benefit should not be overlooked, as it can help a worker overcome the financial hardships caused by an accident.

Certain benefits are afforded to an injured worker when they are entitled to this compensation system. In order to be eligible for these benefits, a worker must have been injured on-the-job. And if this can be proven, the worker could be entitled to benefits such as lost wages, medical care, temporary disability, permanent disability and vocational rehabilitation.

The process to recover workers’ compensation may seem overwhelming; however, by filing a claim and filing it as soon as possible, an injured worker could recover necessary finances. Workers compensation is often necessary because it offsets financial hardships and helps an injured worker recover and get back to work.