In New York and elsewhere, motor vehicles are seen on every roadway. While this is a common situation, it is also a situation that presents many risks and dangers. The failure to exercise care behind the wheels of a vehicle means a greater chance of being involved in an automobile crash that could cause serious and even fatal injuries.

Recently, a motorcyclist was struck and killed in an accident in New York. Following this fatal accident, the daughter of the 47-Year-old man killed in a crash just a few blocks away from his home is speaking out about the incident. As of now, the driver that collided with him has not been charged.

Based on police reports, the motorcyclist was traveling north on Mother Gaston Boulevard when a female motorist traveling south made a U-turn onto the northbound lanes. During that maneuver, the motorcyclist slammed into the 29-year-old female’s vehicle. The motorcyclist, motorist and the four passengers were all injured in the crash. All were transported to the hospital where the motorcyclist later died.

Police have indicated that the crash is still under investigation. Additionally, they stated that they have not ruled out the possibility of criminal charges. Once investigation is complete, cause and liability should be established.

Following a serious or fatal accident, those impacted by the crash should understand their rights. This means filing a personal injury action for the victims and a wrongful death claim for the surviving family members of a deceased victim. These legal actions could help with assigning accountability and the recovery of compensation for losses and damages.