Working in construction can be a very rewarding career. Those entering this field understand that this job carries with it many risks. Dangers aside, there are many ways to increase safety on construction sites. Despite these efforts, however, accidents still happen. And when such incidents do occur, construction workers could suffer serious injuries.

A construction accident injury can be serious. In some cases, it means falling several stories and suffering injuries to various body parts. When a construction worker is unable to work because of a work accident, it can be challenging in many ways. It is especially challenging when it comes to making ends meet and cover his or her basic needs.

At Marder, Eskesen & Nass, we understand how life impacting a construction accident can be. Therefore, we are dedicated to helping workers understand their rights in these matters. Seeking workers compensation may seem straightforward; however, it is a process that requires the injured worker to provide evidence and documentation. If something is lacking or there are gaps, a worker could be denied these benefits. Our skilled attorneys understand the application process, and we are able to help those initially applying for these benefits as well as those denied these benefits.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s construction accidents website. A construction accident could cause a worker to suddenly and tragically suffer a life altering injury. In these cases, it is important to explore your rights and options, such as filing for workers’ compensation benefits. Experienced legal guidance can be helpful for those in these situations.