So you’re walking the streets of New York, minding your own business, when suddenly you’ve fallen. Sharp pain shoots through one of your extremities, it all happened so fast, the only thing to focus on is the pain. You know you need to seek medical attention, immediately, so you do. After receiving care, you’re wondering what exactly happened and how to move forward from here.

In New York, there is a lot happening, lots of people and projects simultaneously in a small space. There are often construction projects on existing buildings, turning the old into new again. However, these projects can often be dangerous if not properly overseen. It can cause those in the area to be subject to dangerous scenarios and can cause premises liability injury.

Seeking damages for an injury due to a construction zone incident could fall under premises liability. An injury could result in significant medical expenses and even lost wages if your injury renders you unable to work. These losses are significant and could be accounted for if you seek damages against the party believed responsible. It’s a type of personal injury lawsuit that is based on the fact that a property owner or contractor has a duty to assert responsibility for the safety of others on or near the property.

An item may have fallen on your while walking on the sidewalk or perhaps the sidewalk wasn’t properly level, causing a person to trip and injure themselves. Keeping these areas clear is expected and necessary to ensure safety. New York residents needn’t suffer with the financial repercussion.