Summer is coming to an end and autumn is rapidly approaching. With cooler weather on the horizon, there are some driving safety tips that it is important to remember as a driver in order to avoid an accident.


Be aware of the weather

Fall is known for beautiful colors in the trees and crisp, cool mornings with warm afternoons. These conditions, however, can prove detrimental for drivers. The fall season is known for weather conditions such as heavy rain, wind and fog. Hydroplaning, losing control of the car in heavy rain, is a serious concern for drivers in the fall. Wet roads are the cause to over 1 million crashes each year. Similarly, early morning fog can make it difficult to watch out for oncoming cars or other obstructions in the road.

Watch for obstructions in the road

The weather can knock loose branches and leaves out of trees and into the streets. Drivers may not see these obstructions in the road until it is too late, causing a latent swerve or loss of the driver’s control of the vehicle. Falling leaves can cover the streets and make it easy for car wheels to slide around and lose traction.

Do not forget about the animals

It may not be at the top of your mind, but even New Yorkers experience deer and moose crossings. According to New York’s Department of Transportation, there are 60,000-70,000 deer/vehicle collisions each year. Striking a deer in the road can be fatal to both you and the animal, as many individuals swerve off the road.

Changing seasons can bring about new hazards that drivers have not had to deal with since the last season. However, avoiding the hazards is possible when following the previously stated safety tips.