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October 2018 Archives

Helping you explore your rights following a car crash

Individuals in New York and elsewhere tend to rely on motor vehicles to get around; however, driving a personal vehicle often means traveling on busy roads filled with motorists in a rush to get to their final destination. And because life these days can get very busy, many motorists decide to multi-task while behind the wheel. For some drivers, it is minor or even harmless to take a phone call, send a text or check e-mails; however, the reality is that this is a dangerous activity that frequently results in serious automobile collisions.

What conditions make a slip-and-fall accident likely?

We all have to leave the house and head somewhere at some point. Whether that means going to work, school, the store, a friend's place or any other public or private location, individuals likely do not think about the potential dangers and risks that await them when they enter another person's property. Nonetheless, the reality is that there can be unsuspecting dangers. There could be a spill on the floor, torn carpet, poorly lit areas or a broken step, railing or sidewalk. Any of these hazards could cause a slip, trip and fall.

Helping you through a premises liability action after injury

New York is a large city that has many offerings. Whether it is an apartment building, restaurant, department store, office building or an attraction, residents and visitors of the city are constantly going in and out of public and private buildings. While many do not consider this to be a huge deal, the reality is that when a visitor enters the property of another, they are relying on that property owner to make sure their property is safe. Failing to do so could result in a wide range of accidents.

Deadly limo accident prompts call for increased regulation

A recent limousine crash in upstate New York killed all 17 passengers, the driver and two bystanders. According to CNN, the vehicle went through a stop sign, struck a parked vehicle, hit two pedestrians and then crashed into a creek bed near Apple Barrel County Store in Schoharie, NY.

Those responsible for car accident injury can be held accountable

Thousands of unlucky people are injured in car accidents every single year. Whether this is due to their own fault, or the fault of another - it m makes a huge difference! For those that motor vehicle accident injury has been the result, or suspected to be the result, of another's negligence, there is a way to recover for the damages one has suffered. It's by means of personal injury lawsuit.

Assessing liability in a premises liability action

Whether we are headed to the store, a friend's house or an office building, most individuals in New York and elsewhere do not think about the potential dangers they could encounter when entering these properties. In fact, most visitors and guests are under the impression that these places are safe from hazards. Unfortunately, some property owners are negligent, resulting in serious accidents.

Why are night shift workers more prone to workplace injuries?

Working a job is a very important component in most people's lives. This is how one makes a living; however, it is not always an ideal environment to be in. For some, it might mean working in risky or dangerous conditions. For others it might mean working a 9 to 5 or adjusting from such a schedule to a later shift. Working late at night may be ideal to some; however, it may be frustrating for others. Regardless what time of day they work, it is important that they note their rights and options if an injury is suffered on the job.

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