New York is a large city that has many offerings. Whether it is an apartment building, restaurant, department store, office building or an attraction, residents and visitors of the city are constantly going in and out of public and private buildings. While many do not consider this to be a huge deal, the reality is that when a visitor enters the property of another, they are relying on that property owner to make sure their property is safe. Failing to do so could result in a wide range of accidents.

With regards to premises liability, this legal action could arise in a variety of situations. For example, a ceiling tile may fall and hit some, a stairwell is disrepair caused a fall, a broken elevator or escalator caused a fall or injury, a slipper surface caused a fall, broken or improper hand railing, hazards on the floor, broken sidewalks, falling objects, inadequate lighting, parking lot hazards and poor shoveling in winter could all cause a slip and fall accident.

Additionally, a visitor could suffer an injury because of an open swimming pool, hazards on a construction site, inadequate signage around hazards, lead pain exposure and inadequate security measures could result in a serious injury. At Marder, Eskesen & Nass, out law firm is dedicated to helping victims of dangerous property understand their rights. This means determining how an accident happened and establish liability in the matter. Our goal is to make our clients hole again, guiding them through a premises liability action.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s premises liability website. Whether it is a fall on the sidewalk, hazards in a hallway or a falling object, it is important to understand that when a visitor is harmed because of a dangerous condition on another’s property, it is possible to hold them liable for the injuries and damages suffered.