Thousands of unlucky people are injured in car accidents every single year. Whether this is due to their own fault, or the fault of another – it m makes a huge difference! For those that motor vehicle accident injury has been the result, or suspected to be the result, of another’s negligence, there is a way to recover for the damages one has suffered. It’s by means of personal injury lawsuit.

At Marder Eskesen & Nass, we know just how damaging that car accident injury can be for those who are impacted. Even for family members, who are uninjured, it can put strain on the household if the main source of income for the household is injured and thus unable to work. Beyond that, medical expenses related to car accident injury can be financially cumbersome, or even crippling. That’s why a person who failed to exercise a reasonable standard of care, can be filed against in a civil suit seeking damages.

There may have been no ill-will behind the driver’s negligent actions, however the outcome remains the same. New York is a high-density, fast-moving city with millions of people rushing to accomplish their daily business. Such a hurried environment can easily cause drivers with little patience to make poor decisions, forgetting about the terrible consequences that might result from risky or dangerous driving behavior. Beyond that intoxicated driving can wreak havoc on innocent people in the form of injuries.

Motor vehicle accident injuries needn’t be more impactful than necessary. Damages from a favorable personal injury suit outcome can help to rectify some of the wrongs that cannot be undone by the negligent party. However, it’s very possible that a person or a family’s life may never be the same. Make the best of the situation and seek damages.