We all have to leave the house and head somewhere at some point. Whether that means going to work, school, the store, a friend’s place or any other public or private location, individuals likely do not think about the potential dangers and risks that await them when they enter another person’s property. Nonetheless, the reality is that there can be unsuspecting dangers. There could be a spill on the floor, torn carpet, poorly lit areas or a broken step, railing or sidewalk. Any of these hazards could cause a slip, trip and fall.

A fall injury can cause some serious injuries. It many not seem like an accident that involves much force or impact; however, depending on how a person falls, injuries could occur to the limbs, back, neck head and internal organs. Thus, severe injuries could accompany minor bumps and bruises from a fall.

What conditions make a slip-and-fall accident likely? These types of accidents can occur both indoors and outdoors. With regards to fall accidents indoors, common reasons include wet floors, improperly waxed floors or because of carpet that is torn or bulging. With regards to outdoor falls, this is frequently due to inclement weather, such as snow or ice and inadequate lighting in a parking lot or sidewalk.

Because it s impossible to know about every single danger or risk that exists or suddenly happens, a property owner is not always held liable following a fall accident. Nonetheless, if a victim is able to prove they knew or could have known about the dangerous condition and failed to take corrective steps, liability is likely placed on the property owner.

A fall victim has likely found him or herself in a shocking and tragic situation. The pain and suffering, damages and losses can be overwhelming, causing many victims to take action to address these losses. By investigating the matter further, a victim could understand the cause and liability of the accident, allowing them to recover compensation through a premises liability action.