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November 2018 Archives

Overworked and fatigued? You could be facing a workplace disaster

It seems to be a common occurrence around every workplace, a lot of your co-workers are tired and maybe frantically trying to secure their morning cup of coffee. The National Safety Council has determined that 69 percent of employees are tired at work. But what happens when tired turns into fatigue? 

Understanding different types of car accident injuries

Using a personal vehicle to get around is fairly common in New York and elsewhere. While it may not be as common for those living in a major city, the reality is that anyone, occupant or not, could be involved in a serious automobile collision. Such an incident, even a minor fender bender, could result in serious injuries to a victim. Such an injury could impact the injured for an extended period of time while they recover.

What are some common causes of construction accident injuries?

The construction industry is an important one in New York City and other major cities. New York City is likely to have a wide range of construction projects going on at any time, making it vital for project managers to consider the injuries that could befall not only workers on site but also bystanders walking by the site.

Tips for navigating your car through a snowstorm

Winter has hit the New York area again. Many of us were blindsided by the sudden shift during the onset of the recent storm. Thousands found themselves stranded at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and more still found themselves stranded in their own vehicles in gridlocked traffic.

How common are falls in the workplace?

New York city is filled with a wide array of jobs and work environments. Whether a person works in an office, at a factory or in construction, there are a variety of risks that workers face on a daily basis. In some cases, these risks are more apparent and much more serious; however, a serious work injury could happen in any setting and in any industry.

5 tips to prevent a fall from scaffolding

Cold weather is here, and icy conditions won't be far behind. If you work in New York construction, you may find yourself exposed in the wind and rain on a scaffold before long. Unfortunately, falls still cause the most deaths in construction each year. There are steps you can take, however, to make sure you get back to the ground safely:

Workplace injuries in a small business setting

In New York and elsewhere, residents wake up on a weekly basis, heading to work. Whether one works par-time, full-time or overtime, a worker in any type of industry could face risks and dangers in the work environment. Just as a person working at a construction site at great heights faces workplace dangers, a person working in an office setting is also prone to encounter risks in the workplace.

Young girl crossing the street struck by van

Motorists in New York and other states across the nation encounter a wide variety of travelers. Whether they are traveling by a personal vehicle, work vehicle, public transportation, bicycle or by foot, motorists should always remain attentive of the commuters they encounter while navigating the roads. Failure to do so could result in a collision that leaves a victim seriously injured or even killed.

Teen drivers more prone to accidents than other age groups

Getting behind the wheel of a car is a common task. It is so common, that it has become a routine that is often monotonous for some. But the reality is that driving is a unique experience that requires a driver to remain constantly attentive. In fact, taking one's eyes of the other road even for a mere moment could be the cause of a serous and even fatal accident.

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