New York city is filled with a wide array of jobs and work environments. Whether a person works in an office, at a factory or in construction, there are a variety of risks that workers face on a daily basis. In some cases, these risks are more apparent and much more serious; however, a serious work injury could happen in any setting and in any industry.

How common are falls in the workplace? Fall hazards are found in most work setting, meaning a fall at work could happen in a variety of settings and when a worker is carrying out a wide range of activities. Whether one is simply walking, climbing a ladder or working at great heights, a serious fall accident could occur.

There are different reasons for fall accidents to occur. The work environment may not be safe temporarily or long-term, which often occurs when the floors are slippery, cluttered or unstable, there are unprotected edged, there are floor holes or wall openings, there is an unsafely positioned ladder or all protection is misused.

Based on current statistics, it was recorded that 708 workers died in fall accidents in 2014. That same year, 261,930 were injured. These individuals were workers in private industries, state and local government. With regards to the industries that pose the greatest risk for fall injuries, the highest nonfatal fall injuries area associated with health services and wholesale and retail industries. Other industries include building cleaning and maintenance, transportation and material moving and construction and extraction occupations.

Following a fall accident, it is important that an injured worker explore his or her situation and options available. Workers’ compensation could help the worker address damages such as medical bills and lost wages. It can help the worker recovery on a timely basis so he or she can get back to work.