Using a personal vehicle to get around is fairly common in New York and elsewhere. While it may not be as common for those living in a major city, the reality is that anyone, occupant or not, could be involved in a serious automobile collision. Such an incident, even a minor fender bender, could result in serious injuries to a victim. Such an injury could impact the injured for an extended period of time while they recover.

Car accident injuries can range greatly and are often determinative of the type of accident a person is in. With regards to motor vehicle crashes, an occupant could suffer severe whiplash in a rear-end collision. Similar injuries could occur in a head-on collision; however, these injuries are often more severe because it is more likely that these vehicles are traveling at two high rates of speed. Additionally, these vehicles collide with two opposing forces while a rear-end collision involves two vehicles traveling in the same direction.

Injuries could also differ in an accident that involves a stationary vehicle being hit or an intersection crash, where a vehicle collides with the side of one’s vehicle. The location of the force and the amount of force can determine how severe the resulting injuries are. These injuries often include those to the head or neck, which could involve brain injuries and whiplash. Injuries could also occur to the spine, resulting in temporary or permanent damage. This could cause the victim to suffer paralysis.

Chest injuries could also result, impacting a person’s ability to breath. A victim could suffer cracked ribs or a collapsed lung. Additionally, heart problems, internal bleeding and other internal organ injuries could result, all of which are serious injuries. Finally, one could suffer injuries to the limbs, including broken bones in the legs, arms, hands or feet.

The aftermath of a car accident can be tragic and overwhelming. One may require much medical treatment to address the resulting injuries, and a victim may suffer more than just pain and suffering and medical bills. He or she could also endure financial burdens, as they may have to take time off work to recover or because they are currently unable to work because of the injuries. A personal injury action could help address these hardships by helping the accident victim recover compensation.