The construction industry is an important one in New York City and other major cities. New York City is likely to have a wide range of construction projects going on at any time, making it vital for project managers to consider the injuries that could befall not only workers on site but also bystanders walking by the site.

Based on current data on workplace injuries and illnesses, roughly 3.3 million are reported each year. Of those, about 9 percent involve workers in the construction industry. And of these non-fatal accidents occurring among construction workers, 22 percent are a result of a fall occurring on-the-job. What are some common causes of construction accident injuries?

Falls are the most common cause of injury among construction workers. Depending on the level the fall occurred on, these injuries could be severe. For example, in a trip of a slip accident, one may suffer a head injury or a broken limb. He or she is also likely to suffer laceration and contusions. However, if the fall occurred from several stories, the injuries are likely more severe. One could endure injuries to the head, neck, back, limbs and internal organs. The injuries could be so severe, that it could result in permanent disability or even death.

A construction worker could also suffer injuries because an object fell on them, equipment malfunction or if they are run over or crushed. The injuries suffered in these types of work accidents can vary greatly; however, they are likely to be severe and require much medical attention.

Following a construction site accident, it is important to understand what happened. The details of the accident can help one with their pursuit of workers’ compensation. This benefit could help address medical bills, rehabilitation and lost wages suffered by the workplace injuries suffered.