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December 2018 Archives

Protections for construction workers who fall

There are many construction projects going on at any given time in New York. These construction projects can have benefits not only for the owner of the property who will end up with a new or remodeled building, but also the construction companies and the construction workers who earn their income working on these construction projects.

Basic process for a workers' compensation claim

People in New York go to work each day and generally go in thinking about what they have to do for the day. Most are not thinking about their safety. However, some jobs are more inherently dangerous than others and, unfortunately, workplace accidents occur from time to time. Some of these accidents result in injuries to the employees and some can be very devastating for the employee. They may cause the worker to incur significant medical bills and miss time at work.

Slip-and-fall accidents during winter months

In New York and other states across the nation, winter weather can cause hazards. For the most part, individuals think of the way snow and ice make road travel dangerous; however, it can make other places individuals are traveling by foot risky as well. Parking lots and sidewalks can get covered in snow and ice and snow filled boots can bring in waters indoors. While these are very common occurrences, when they do occur, property owners are expected to take action.

Determining liability in an Uber accident can be complex

For many people in New York City, booking a ride with Uber can be a massive time-saver. Within minutes of tapping your smartphone, a driver may show up right in front of you, ready to pick you up. Uber's reliable services may also give you little reason to ever expect being involved in a car accident during your trip. Yet, any driver can make a poor judgment call on the road, and it is important to be prepared in case you are ever badly injured in an accident and need to seek compensation to pay for medical treatment.

What duty of care do property owners owe to trespassers?

People in New York enter onto other people's property every day. Every time people go into a store, a restaurant, a movie theater or any other type of business they are entering onto another party's property. When they do this they expect the property owner will keep the property free of dangerous conditions to help ensure their safety. The property owners also have a duty to this in order to keep these invited guests safe. However, not everyone who enters onto another party's property is an invited guest.

Construction worker dies in recent construction accident

As people in New York are aware there are many construction projects occurring in the city at all times. These construction projects can take a long time and include many different types of workers who do various work on the projects. They also can include heavy machinery and equipment as well as take place at very high heights. So, it is very important that all people follow the safety regulations and make sure that construction accidents do not occur because when they do, they can have devastating outcomes.

Distracted driving increases over the holiday season

During the holidays, we are often told to put the phone down, enjoy our surroundings and to be in the moment. The same thing holds true for motorists behind the wheel of a vehicle. Cellphones are a major culprit for accidents, as distracted driving is a growing concern in New York and elsewhere.

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