For many people in New York City, booking a ride with Uber can be a massive time-saver. Within minutes of tapping your smartphone, a driver may show up right in front of you, ready to pick you up. Uber’s reliable services may also give you little reason to ever expect being involved in a car accident during your trip. Yet, any driver can make a poor judgment call on the road, and it is important to be prepared in case you are ever badly injured in an accident and need to seek compensation to pay for medical treatment.

Understanding Uber’s accident policy

Whether you were injured while riding in an Uber car or by colliding with an Uber driver, it may seem that the sensible next step to take would be to file a claim against the company. Yet, determining liability in an Uber-related accident may be more complex than you might imagine. Uber’s drivers are considered independent contractors who provide driving services, and they are not directly employed by the company. This means that if there is a party to blame, it will likely be the individual driver and not Uber.

Despite this, it is worth knowing that Uber does have an accident insurance policy that covers up to $1 million for damages and injuries, although it may only apply to specific situations. Uber may offer compensation if you or the liable party does not have enough insurance coverage. Uber may also offer compensation if you were involved in a hit-and-run accident. Yet, every accident is shaped by unique circumstances, and you may have suffered significant losses that could hold Uber liable in a certain way. Consider reviewing Uber’s auto insurance policy as well as seeking the advice of an experienced attorney.

What you can do in the aftermath of an Uber-related accident

No matter who the liable party may be, there are still steps you can take right after an accident to help protect your rights. If you are fortunate enough to have survived an Uber-related accident with minimal injuries, consider documenting the scene by taking as many pictures as possible. This can help you gather evidence to secure your right to a compensation. A personal injury attorney can also help you account for your all your losses as well as walk you through the process of filing a claim.