During the holidays, we are often told to put the phone down, enjoy our surroundings and to be in the moment. The same thing holds true for motorists behind the wheel of a vehicle. Cellphones are a major culprit for accidents, as distracted driving is a growing concern in New York and elsewhere.

While cellphone use behind the wheel is a concern on any day of the year, it was found that the holiday season is when this dangerous activity is the worst. This timeframe, extending from Thanks Giving to New Year’s, sees a major increase in distracted driving when compared to the average workday.

In fact, based on a phone application that can assess if a phone is being used when a person is driving, it was found that there is a 33 percent increase in distracted driving during the holidays. There are many ways to explain this jump. To begin, many individuals are traveling to se loved ones for holiday events or to celebrate on an actual holiday. Because of this, drivers are keeping their loved ones up-to-date on when they will arrive. This means grabbing for their phone while driving. This will also increase when a person is delayed or stuck in traffic,

When looking at the recent long Thanksgiving weekend, it was estimated that 433 people would die in car accident while another 49,400 would be injured. While this data has not been calculated at this time, data from 3 years ago indicated that 355 people died on New Year’s day and 273 died on Christmas day because of a car accident. Of these deaths, it was found that a third of them had been drinking alcohol.

Being involved in a car accident can be a shocking event. It may not be entirely clear how the crash happened; however, it is possible to investigate the matter further to determine how and why the accident happened. A personal injury action not only helps to establish cause and liability, but it could also help an accident victim collect compensation for losses suffered.