There are many construction projects going on at any given time in New York. These construction projects can have benefits not only for the owner of the property who will end up with a new or remodeled building, but also the construction companies and the construction workers who earn their income working on these construction projects.

However, in order to be able to work and earn that income they need to be healthy. Unfortunately, construction projects have many dangers associated with them especially if safety protocol is not followed.

Many construction workers are hurt each year in construction accidents and if they are they could lose income as well as incur significant medical bills depending on the severity of the injury. These injured workers may be entitled to compensation though through either workers’ compensation benefits or personal injury lawsuits. One type of accident which can result in personal injury lawsuits instead of workers’ compensation benefits is if the worker falls from scaffolding or other heights.

The construction companies are required to follow certain safety procedures for safety railings and how much the structures can hold in terms of weight. If workers fall due to the fact that these safety procedures were not followed, the construction company may be required to compensate the victim. The benefit of a personal injury lawsuit is that the worker could receive all their lost wages as well as compensation for pain and suffering which workers’ compensation would not cover.

Construction workers, like anyone else in New York, rely on their jobs in order to earn an income and provide for them and their families. If they are hurt and unable to work it can be very difficult on them both physically and financially. These injured workers may be entitled to compensation though. This compensation can pay for lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering in certain situations. Experienced attorneys understand these laws and may be able to protect workers’ rights.