There are many different crimes that occur through New York. Some affect only property such as theft and others affect other people physically such as assaults. However, no matter what type of crime occurred the victims of the crime can be left in a very difficult position. The victim could suffer both physical and financial hardships especially if they were attacked and required medical treatment for the injuries. After a crime sometimes it is difficult for the victim to receive compensation for their injuries, but the victim may have options.

One option is to potentially sue the individual responsible for the crime, but that can be difficult depending on the financial resources of the criminal. The victim may also be able to receive compensation from a property owner though if the crime occurred on their property. However, property owners are not automatically liable for the crimes on their property and certain requirements must be met first.

First the crime must have occurred in an area on the property that the property owner had control over and could have provided security. Next and most importantly, the crime must be foreseeable. This means that the owner either knew or should have known it was a possibility. This is usually established by demonstrating that crimes had occurred on the property before and that the property owner was aware that crimes were occurring. Finally, the victim must demonstrate that the property owner did not take adequate security measures to prevent future crimes.

People in New York can suffer significant injuries due to crimes. If the crime happened on another’s property, such as in a store, the victim may be able to hold the property owner liable and receive compensation for the damages they suffered. These can be complicated cases and certain requirements must be met to hold them liable. Experienced attorneys understand these requirements though and may be a useful resource.