Whether you are a resident or tourist of New York, one is likely to encounter a construction site. Whether a building is being repaired or something new is being built, construction workers are seen throughout the city. Although measures are taken to make these construction sites safe, unfortunate accidents could happen to construction workers at these sites.

Even when the facts and rates are apparent, no one expects to be injured on-the-job. Thus, when a construction accident occurs, those involved are likely overwhelmed with the aftermath of it. Whether it is a fall, defective machinery or a negligent worker hitting another worker with a vehicle, the injuries and damages that result can be difficult to navigate.

At Marder, Eskesen & Nass, our law firm is focused on the needs and wellbeing of our clients. By focusing on the needs and goals of our clients, we can help them through the application process for workers’ compensation benefits. With our skills and knowledge, we can assist with any pitfalls or issues that might arise, helping one obtain the benefits he or she is entitled to. We understand that a construction accident could result in major hardships. This makes it vital to explore your rights and options.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s construction accidents website. A workplace injury is not only an incident that causes someone pain and medical bills but it could also result in lost wages. The financial harm that transpires could cause challenges, making it vital to explore one’s options for workers’ compensation benefits.