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February 2019 Archives

How can you prove liability in a slip-and-fall action?

We all enter the property of others. This could be the neighbor's house, an office building, the grocery store, the post office or a restaurant. When visitors enter these properties, one is under the impression that they safe to enter and remain at these locations. Unfortunately, if a property owner does not take steps to protect against such injuries, it is possible to hold them responsible for any injuries that arise from an accident occurring on their property.

Workers with occupational diseases may receive compensation

People in New York have many different types of jobs and work in many different types of environments. Some work in offices, retail stores, at construction sites, in manufacturing plants, warehouses and in many other types of environments. These various types of environments mean that workers will be exposed to different elements and potential dangers.

How safe are self-parking features?

Whether you are new to driving in the city that never sleeps or you have negotiated the crowded streets for as long as you can remember, most drivers have some fear of parallel parking. Parking in the big city can seem like a fantasy. If you are lucky enough to find an empty place, you may question whether you will be able to maneuver your vehicle to fit.

Most common reasons that car accidents occur

When people get into their vehicles in New York, they usually are not thinking about getting into an accident They certainly take the proper precautions and follow the various laws to try and minimize the likelihood that they will be in a car accident, but usually people are simply thinking about getting to their destination. However, the reality is that every time people drive, there is a risk that they will get into an accident, even if they are driving perfectly.

70-year-old woman stuck by bus in Manhattan

New York City is a busy place. Any resident or tourist can attests to this. The roads are filled with cars, trucks, taxis, buses, cyclists and pedestrians. All forms of transportation need to coexist; however, the hustle and bustle of the city life can cause many distractions, sudden maneuvers and frustrations. Thus, it is very possible that a motorist fails to see another vehicle or pedestrian when traveling. And this situation could give rise to a very serious and even fatal collision.

Craft cocktails: can they make me sick?

Most people enjoy a nice drink in moderation, and the craft cocktail genre has really expanded with delicious options in recent years. But what if the methods used to make that drink could make you sick or permanently damage your health?

Who is responsible for the sidewalks in front of businesses?

There are many, many buildings in New York and many different purposes for these buildings. Many are residential apartment buildings or condos, but many others are commercial and are the homes to many different businesses. These could be businesses which rent office space on floors high above the streets or it can be retail stores and other businesses which have entrances on the street level. All businesses have a duty to keep the space they rent free from dangerous conditions, but people need to walk on the sidewalks in front of the businesses in order to get to the business.

Construction companies must ensure that equipment is safe

There are many aspects of a construction project in New York and many different types of work must be done to complete the project. As technology has improved, there are now more and more devices and equipment that workers use during these various phases of the project to complete the work. This equipment generally makes the process much easier to complete and makes the job safer overall. However, the equipment must be working properly otherwise it can be dangerous.

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