Whether you are new to driving in the city that never sleeps or you have negotiated the crowded streets for as long as you can remember, most drivers have some fear of parallel parking. Parking in the big city can seem like a fantasy. If you are lucky enough to find an empty place, you may question whether you will be able to maneuver your vehicle to fit.

It looks so easy when some people do it, but for most, there was a sense of relief when car manufacturers started releasing vehicles that included self-park and park-assist features. The features promise to make parallel parking easier, but how reliable are these features?

Here’s what you need to know about the risks of relying on park-assist features on your car.

They are ideal, in ideal circumstances

The commercials show vehicles parking in idea spaces with no one honking behind you and plenty of room, proportional to the vehicle in the demonstration. It seems like this should easily translate to real life, but often there is more going on when you are trying to park a car.

When you are showing off the new feature to your friends and family, you have all the time in the world for your vehicle to park. Real life can be a lot different. When people are waiting on you, it can seem like your car is taking a long time and result in frustration for you and other drivers.

Still not as smart as a human

With the cameras and sensors, it might seem like your car has all anyone could ever need to park itself safely. However, the car still needs assistance knowing where the parking space is and what kind of hazards are around the space.

The car may also need you to intervene if there is a sudden change to your parking place. Simple everyday problems like children running behind your vehicle or an animal running through your path are essential to avoiding an accident.

There is still the future

It seems like every year there are improvements to cars, but with those advances come a dependency that can lead to accidents. The trouble is not with the technology, but in the blind trust, you might be tempted to give it. By paying attention to any assistive technology, you can help everyone on the road be safe.