People in New York have many different types of jobs and work in many different types of environments. Some work in offices, retail stores, at construction sites, in manufacturing plants, warehouses and in many other types of environments. These various types of environments mean that workers will be exposed to different elements and potential dangers.

Some people are forced to work in areas where they may be exposed to different chemicals or work in areas with very loud noises as part of their job. Over the years, even with the proper safety equipment, workers may develop different occupational diseases or lose their hearing due to this exposure over time. This can be very devastating for the worker and can cause the same problems as if the worker suffered an injury in a one-time accident. The worker may incur medical bills and lose time at work due to these diseases and loss of hearing.

These workers may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in the same way that an injured worker is entitled to compensation. This can pay for the medical bills associated with the disease or hearing loss and time the worker is forced to miss. In order to receive the compensation though they must prove that the disease or hearing loss is attributed to the conditions they are exposed to at work. For diseases the worker must file their claim within two years of when they knew or should have known about the disease. For hearing loss the claim must be filed within three months from the time that worker was removed from working around the harmful noises or from when they quit the job.

People in New York rely on their jobs in order to provide for their families. If they are unable to work it can be very detrimental. So, if the worker is injured, develops a disease or suffers hearing loss due to conditions at work, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to limit the economic damages. Experienced attorneys understand the importance of workers’ compensation benefits and may be able to help ensure they receive what they deserve.