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April 2019 Archives

How dangerous is it to operate a forklift?

Once you have been operating heavy machinery at work for a while, it might be tempting to ignore safety regulations. What’s the worst that might happen if you drive a little faster, or take your helmet off for a little bit? If you drive a forklift, there are many ways that skipping on safety may cause serious injury.

Another construction worker dies in a devastating week

As the weather is now getting warmer in New York, there will be even more construction projects starting in the city. This means that many more workers will be at the construction sites performing various tasks required to construct the buildings.

Construction worker killed in crane accident at Soho site

New York is a busy city that is ever changing. More people come in, and more structures are constructed. Whether it is a new construction or for repairs or remodel, construction sites are rather frequently observed throughout the city. While construction workers can make a good living, these workers face many risks and dangers on-the-job. This can be due to the heights they work at, materials they work with or heavy machinery used to complete a project. Although safety measures are taken, this cannot evade all serious and fatal construction site accidents.

Workers' compensation and Section 32 Waivers

Employees in New York have many rights. These include rights to be paid minimum wages and for pay if they work over a certain number of hours. They also cannot be discriminated against for a variety of reasons including age, race, gender, religion, disability and other protected factors. They cannot be retaliated against for making complaints or for exercising their rights. They are also entitled to workers' compensation benefits if they are injured while they are working.

Bus crashes in bagel shop after being struck by another vehicle

There are many rules that drivers must follow when driving on New York roads. It is very important that people follow them because all the other drivers on the road trust drivers will do so and drive based on that understanding.

How can you prove fault in a slip and fall accident?

For residents in New York, they do not often think about the potential injuries they could suffer when they enter the property of others. He or she is often focused on what they seek to buy when they enter a store, doing business at a company, enjoying food at a restaurant or spending time with a friend at their home. However, dangers could exist at these public and private places, and it is up to the property owner to remove or guard against these dangers. Thus, when a slip and fall occurs, and injured victim often questions whether it was the fault of the property owner.

Filing premises liability claims against the city

People in New York leave their homes almost every day. Once they leave their homes, they most likely walk or travel on both private and public property. When on these other properties they expect that they will be safe and that the owners of the various properties will fix damage or at least warn people of potential dangers. Unfortunately this does not always happen though and people suffer injuries on both public and private property.

Who is responsible if defective machinery caused your accident?

Whether you are holding a nail gun or driving a fork lift, construction equipment can cause serious harm if it doesn’t work properly. If the tools provided to you on a construction job caused your injury, you might wonder who is responsible. How do you know whether to sue the company that made the equipment, or the person who provided it to you?

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