As the weather is now getting warmer in New York, there will be even more construction projects starting in the city. This means that many more workers will be at the construction sites performing various tasks required to construct the buildings.

There are many dangers at a construction site and in order to ensure the safety of all of the workers it is important that safety rules and regulations are followed. When they are followed workers usually remain safe, but when they are not followed construction accidents occur and workers suffer serious injuries or die in some cases.

Tragically this is what occurred at a construction site in New York recently. A worker who was constructing a crane that would be used in constructing a 25 story building died when a counterweight from the crane fell and hit him. Two other workers also suffered minor injuries. This worker was also the third construction worker to die in construction accidents that week. A worker at another site a worker died when debris fell on him and a third victim died when he fell off of a roof he was working on at another construction sie. All three incidents are under investigation.

These types of accidents are extremely devastating for the victim, their family and friends. These families will never be able to replace the loved one and will have to figure out how they will move on both emotionally and financially. The workers earn income for the family and when that is suddenly gone, simply paying the monthly bills can become difficult. These families may be entitled to compensation for their financial loss though which can be very valuable as they are forced to move on with their lives.

Construction accidents may not occur all the time in New York, but when they do occur the outcomes can be catastrophic due to the nature of the work. Unfortunately construction workers lose their lives each year while doing their jobs. This is very tragic and leaves the family in a very difficult situation. These families may be entitled to compensation and while that will not bring their loved one back, it can still be very valuable as they move on. Experienced attorneys understand how devastating these accidents are and may be a valuable resource.