New York is a busy city that is ever changing. More people come in, and more structures are constructed. Whether it is a new construction or for repairs or remodel, construction sites are rather frequently observed throughout the city. While construction workers can make a good living, these workers face many risks and dangers on-the-job. This can be due to the heights they work at, materials they work with or heavy machinery used to complete a project. Although safety measures are taken, this cannot evade all serious and fatal construction site accidents.

According to recent reports, a fatal construction accident took place in Soho. A 34-year-old construction worker who is an Army war hero and a father of four was fatally crushed when a 7.5-ton counterweight fell from a crane. This occurred during early hours of the day at the worksite of a luxury condo. There was a second victim in the accident that reportedly suffered minor injuries.

Based on preliminary investigation, the crane rigger used at the site is owned by a company that has a history of OSHA violation and at least one other on-the-job fatality. The crane was removed from the site and is being investigated so the cause can be established. Such a situation can cause many losses for the injured worker and the loved ones of the deceased worker. It could give reason to seek workers’ compensation benefits to help offset these losses.

Workers’ compensation benefits are not only resourceful for injured workers. Surviving family members of a deceased construction worker can also seek these benefits. These benefits can be extremely valuable, as they can address losses such as medical bills, funeral costs and lost wages.