Many New Yorkers have watched the weather in anticipation of getting back on their motorcycle and cruising around the city.

However, as many riders are well-too-aware, some drivers simply do not know how to look for motorcycles. So how can bikers stand out?

Wear bright clothing

The number one way motorcyclists can stand out to cars is to wear bright clothing. Look for leather gear with accents of bright colors. If you have a favorite rider outfit you don’t want to give up, reflective safety tape can be affixed to the shoulders, arms and legs.

Standing out from the surroundings can help car drivers realize they aren’t the only vehicles on the road. Anything you can wear to pop from the environment can help you avoid being sideswiped by a driver who just didn’t see you.

Ride near the center line when possible

Bikers have lots of room in a lane to maneuver. While everyone has their own favorite spot, for visibility’s sake, the closer to the center line the more visible you will be.

Not only will drivers on both sides of the road be able to see you more clearly, but you will have an expanded range of vision as well.

Of course, this is within reason. If there’s a clear oil slick near the center or other obstructions, choose the area of the road you feel will be safest.

Drive deliberately

One of the biggest advantages motorcycles have over cars is their maneuverability. However, it’s important to always signal your intent before making any kind of maneuver on the road. Don’t surprise fellow motorists by a sudden lane change or fast pass.

Ride intentionally and clearly signal all your moves. Never assume a driver sees you or is even paying attention. A little caution can go a long way.

Handling the aftermath

New Yorkers understand that accidents happen. But when you’re on a bike, even a small mistake by other drivers can lead to a hospital visit.

If you’re in an accident with a careless driver, speaking to an attorney can be helpful.