Construction projects are booming in New York right now. That means that there are many construction workers at work throughout the city. All of these projects should be safe, but as these projects can be many stories high and require heavy machinery and materials, there are many inherent dangers at these construction sites. So, it is very important that all safety equipment is being used properly and that other safety regulations must be followed to ensure the safety of the workers.

Unfortunately though not all contractors follow the safety regulations and workers are injured as a result of construction accidents. One of these laws is Labor Law 241 which states specific regulations that must be followed regarding scaffolding and other safety measures to ensure that the workers do not fall from high heights.

This law covers all employees working at the construction site in the furtherance of many aspects of the building process. Employee covers anyone hired to do work on the project by a contractor, owner or agent of the owner. These employees must be working on the erection, demolition, repairing, altering, painting, cleaning or pointing of the building or structure.

If an employee falls while doing one of those aspects of the construction project, they could be entitled to compensation for their injuries and other damages associated with the injuries. This compensation can be very valuable to the injured worker because medical bills can be very expensive and because they are unable to work they will not be able to earn an income on top of it.

The fact that there are many construction projects currently underway in New York, it means that there are many workers and many opportunities for these workers to fall in construction accidents. These injuries can be very severe as well and require extensive medical treatment and take a very long time to recover. The injured workers may be entitled to compensation, which can include more than just workers’ compensation benefits under Labor Law 241. Experienced attorneys understand these laws and may be a useful resource.