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June 2019 Archives

Common reasons for slip and fall accidents outside

Businesses in New York try to please their customers as many businesses rely on customers to come to their stores and buy their products. So, they take pride in making sure that the store is welcoming, the service is good and people like their experience, so they come again and tell friends and family about the store. This means that store owners also have an interest in ensuring that their customers are also safe in their stores.

Many people receive workers' compensation in New York each year

It is important for both businesses and workers in New York that people are healthy and able to work. When people are injured, it clearly effects the workers who are dealing with the pain of the injury and potentially lost income as well. But it also hurts the businesses who may not have an important worker to perform the tasks needed to keep the business productive. So, there are many laws in place to try and ensure that the workers are safe at work and are able to continue working.

Reasons why workers' compensation claims are denied

Workers in New York and elsewhere understand that accidents and injuries are possible in the workplace. For the most part, individuals think that workplace injuries are minor incidents that might require a few days off of work to recover. Additionally, they often think of these injuries of being covered by his or her employer's worker compensation insurance. However, there are many instances where workplace injuries are not covered by workers' compensation, or the accident in question falls in a gray area. In these circumstances it is critical to acquire legal assistance to ensure that the right evidence is presented to protect a claim.

Construction worker may receive more than workers' compensation

There has been a construction boom in New York and many buildings are being constructed. This is good for more than just the companies constructing and ultimately profiting from the construction of the buildings. It is also good for the many construction workers who rely on these jobs for their income to support themselves and their families. However, the type of work that is involved in construction projects can be dangerous and construction accidents occur and workers are injured as a result.

Truck runs off road, hits pedestrian and crashes into building

People in New York can try and plan for things as much as they can and take as many safety precautions as they can but, from time to time, even the safest people end up in accidents. This is because the actions of others are unpredictable, and people cannot plan for them and simply must react. Unfortunately, sometimes when people are simply reacting, they cannot do so fast enough and end suffering injuries as a result, some which can change people's lives.

What is an "attractive nuisance"?

In New York and other cities across the nation, residents and visitors are compelled to enter various properties based on different factors. It is not only the purpose of the property, such as a store, restaurant or place of service, it is also what the outside looks like that brings people in. Much like advertisements and signs bring in adults to certain properties, certain factors can attract children to properties as well. In some cases, it is dangerous factors or hidden dangers that cause children to enter certain properties, which could be classified as attractive nuisances.

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