It is important for both businesses and workers in New York that people are healthy and able to work. When people are injured, it clearly effects the workers who are dealing with the pain of the injury and potentially lost income as well. But it also hurts the businesses who may not have an important worker to perform the tasks needed to keep the business productive. So, there are many laws in place to try and ensure that the workers are safe at work and are able to continue working.

As stated above though the injured workers suffer more than just an injury. If they are unable to work, they also could lose income leaving them in a difficult financial position. However, the injured workers could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if the injury occurred while the worker was working. The statistics demonstrate that this occurs relatively often in New York.

In 2017, there were 313,223 workers’ compensation claims reopened and 176,167 claims reported. Out of the total number of claims reported, 99,755 of them were established meaning there was a finding that a work-related injury occurred. The amount of the compensation the injured worker receives depends on the average weekly income the worker was receiving at the time of the accident, but the majority of workers received at least $600 per week with 25 percent receiving $1,305 or more per week.

Unfortunately, there are many workers injured on the job each year in New York. These workers can incur costly medical bills and lose income as well. That is why workers’ compensation benefits are so important as they can pay for the medical bills and a portion of the lost income. Sometimes, though, the costs or the injury may be minimized and it is important people receive that to which they are entitled to. Experienced attorneys understand the importance of workers’ compensation and may be able to guide one through the process.