People in New York can try and plan for things as much as they can and take as many safety precautions as they can but, from time to time, even the safest people end up in accidents. This is because the actions of others are unpredictable, and people cannot plan for them and simply must react. Unfortunately, sometimes when people are simply reacting, they cannot do so fast enough and end suffering injuries as a result, some which can change people’s lives.

This is what occurred recently when a pedestrian was struck by a truck that ran off the road and hit him on the sidewalk before crashing into a building. The driver of the truck then began backing up and struck another person while doing that. It is unclear what caused the truck driver to run off the road, but the driver was arrested. Both people struck by the truck were brought to the hospital and the first person hit was in critical condition.

In this situation, the pedestrians had no opportunity to avoid the truck accident as generally people do not expect cars and trucks to drive up on the sidewalk. This unexpected accident left at least one person with very serious injuries. It is unclear the extent of them but being in critical condition means that it will take some time to recover from the injuries. It also means that they could be very costly as medical bills can add up very quickly as people recover from injuries leaving them in critical condition.

There are many car accidents in New York and some of them involve pedestrians who generally have no time to react and very little protection leaving them very vulnerable. Many also are left with very serious and costly injuries. The victims of the accidents may be entitled to compensation for the damages though, which can be very valuable as the victim recovers from them. It is important that victims receive what they deserve and experienced attorneys may be helpful.