New Yorkers enter private and public property with little to no thought about the safety of the property. One often presumes it is safe to enter property, and they will not run into any risks or dangers while on these premises. Unfortunately, property owners can fail to maintain reasonably safe premises. This could result in serious harms to a visitor, giving rise to a premises liability claim.

Whether it is at a restaurant, store, office or private residence, when an individual slips, trips or falls, injuring him or herself, it can be a shocking event. One is never prepared to deal with the aftermath of a sudden accident, which can make the pain and financial consequences associated with it very overwhelming.

At Marder, Eskesen & Nass, our experienced attorneys understand the troubles faced by individuals injured in a slip and fall accident. Our law firm also understands that these accidents are often caused by the negligence of a property owner. With years of experience handling premises liability actions, our law firm is prepared to help our clients fully understand what caused the incident, who is to blame, what losses were suffered and what is owed to them through a monetary award.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s premises liability website. A slip and fall accident could cause much harm to an unsuspecting visitor or patron. Thus, if a person falls victim to a slip and fall or an injury caused by a dangerous condition on the property of another, it is important to understand what could be done. A premises liability action could help hold a negligent property owner accountable, helping an injured party recover compensation for losses suffered.