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Bicycle Accidents Archives

As the weather warms, traffic accidents increase

Whatever our political views may be about the causes, long-term weather data indicates that our winters in New York are getting warmer and our summers hotter. Statistically, traffic accidents increase as the temperatures go up. This post will look at some possible reasons. 

Pelham Parkway cyclists, pedestrians forced to find new routes

New Yorkers on foot and bike fend for themselves during Bronx construction

Cyclists and pedestrians in the Bronx know all too well that the heavily-traveled Pelham Parkway malls desperately need repairs. Unfortunately, the malls' commuters and recreational travelers will have to endure up to two years of dangerous detours to get them.

Family needs funds to bury man killed in bike accident

The family of a New York City man struck and killed by an impaired driver on Staten Island is trying to raise money on the Internet for his funeral expenses. The victim's brother said he was the type of person who "would've given you the shirt off his back."

Bicycle accidents and personal injuries

Bicycles are prevalent on many roadways in New York City, ridden not only for pleasure but as part of the jobs of delivery persons and other workers. As a result, accidents between riders and motor vehicles often occur, and a cyclist who is involved in such an accident can be seriously injured.

As if New York City bicyclists don't have enough to worry about

Bicycle riders in New York are often maligned by pedestrians and drivers alike. Of course, if they are following the rules of traffic -- and even if they aren't -- bicyclists need to be afforded enough room so that they can maneuver safely. Many bicycle accidents are caused by drivers who don't leave bicyclists ample space, often because they do not see them.

Memorial ride held for bicyclist killed in car-bike accident

One of the biggest problems that bicycle riders have on New York roads is being seen. Even when traffic isn't heavy, many motorists aren't necessarily thinking about coming across a bicycle rider -- meaning getting into a bicycle accident is always within the realm of possibility. And when this does happen, the bicyclist usually gets the worst of it. Even a helmet and other protective gear might not be enough to prevent serious injury or even death in a bad motor vehicle accident.

Man on bicycle killed in hit-and-run accident in Brooklyn

The streets of New York can be dangerous for anyone. This is especially true of bicyclists, who have to contend with cars, buses, trains, trucks and all kinds of pedestrians. It's a small wonder there aren't more accidents involving bicyclists than there already are.

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