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Construction worker may receive more than workers' compensation

There has been a construction boom in New York and many buildings are being constructed. This is good for more than just the companies constructing and ultimately profiting from the construction of the buildings. It is also good for the many construction workers who rely on these jobs for their income to support themselves and their families. However, the type of work that is involved in construction projects can be dangerous and construction accidents occur and workers are injured as a result.

Who is covered under Labor Law 241?

Construction projects are booming in New York right now. That means that there are many construction workers at work throughout the city. All of these projects should be safe, but as these projects can be many stories high and require heavy machinery and materials, there are many inherent dangers at these construction sites. So, it is very important that all safety equipment is being used properly and that other safety regulations must be followed to ensure the safety of the workers.

Another construction worker dies in a devastating week

As the weather is now getting warmer in New York, there will be even more construction projects starting in the city. This means that many more workers will be at the construction sites performing various tasks required to construct the buildings.

Construction worker killed in crane accident at Soho site

New York is a busy city that is ever changing. More people come in, and more structures are constructed. Whether it is a new construction or for repairs or remodel, construction sites are rather frequently observed throughout the city. While construction workers can make a good living, these workers face many risks and dangers on-the-job. This can be due to the heights they work at, materials they work with or heavy machinery used to complete a project. Although safety measures are taken, this cannot evade all serious and fatal construction site accidents.

Construction worker suffers serious injury at worksite

There are many different aspects of construction projects in New York and there are many workers that may be at a construction site at one time. That is why it is so important that all workers and construction companies follow the safety rules and regulations. If they do not workers who may not even be involved with a particular project may end up being injured as a result of a construction accident. Some of these injuries can be very severe as well and cause significant medical and financial hardships for the worker.

Construction companies must ensure that equipment is safe

There are many aspects of a construction project in New York and many different types of work must be done to complete the project. As technology has improved, there are now more and more devices and equipment that workers use during these various phases of the project to complete the work. This equipment generally makes the process much easier to complete and makes the job safer overall. However, the equipment must be working properly otherwise it can be dangerous.

Recovering workers' comp following a construction accident

Whether you are a resident or tourist of New York, one is likely to encounter a construction site. Whether a building is being repaired or something new is being built, construction workers are seen throughout the city. Although measures are taken to make these construction sites safe, unfortunate accidents could happen to construction workers at these sites.

Protections for construction workers under Labor Law 241

As the economy had been slowly getting better and better, construction projects began in much more frequency in New York. There were many projects, some of them small and some very large and this requires many more workers. The more projects and the more workers means that there is also a higher likelihood that the workers could be injured in a construction accident as well. Not surprisingly there were many workers that were in fact injured as well.

Construction worker dies in recent construction accident

As people in New York are aware there are many construction projects occurring in the city at all times. These construction projects can take a long time and include many different types of workers who do various work on the projects. They also can include heavy machinery and equipment as well as take place at very high heights. So, it is very important that all people follow the safety regulations and make sure that construction accidents do not occur because when they do, they can have devastating outcomes.

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