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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

Industry groups identify construction's most vulnerable demographic

Construction work is known to be highly dangerous, often requiring specific skills and protocols that put a premium on labor. With the cost of labor a significant consideration for developers and contractors here in New York City, some employers take advantage of cheaper labor by hiring unlicensed or under-trained workers.

New construction safety legislation could bring change for workers

It is no secret that some occupations are more dangerous than others. Even though ever activity carries some kind of risk, there are some jobs that require workers to be in hazardous situations or in situations that can quickly become hazardous.

Affordable housing or safe construction jobs: Can we only choose one?

New York City officials face a dilemma as construction worker deaths continue to rise in the city. According to the city's Buildings Department, there were 10 construction-related deaths over 2015's fiscal year. This is a big jump from the 5.5 average worker fatalities from the past four years. Worse yet, worker injuries skyrocketed up 53 percent this past year. With numbers like these, advocates for worker safety are urging for change.

Construction groups challenge NYC crane rule

Industry says ban on operating cranes in high winds is "arbitrary and capricious"

Crane safety is a major concern in New York's construction industry. Many people want to make cranes as safe as possible for New York's workers and the general population. These concerns have become more pronounced in the wake of two serious crane collapses this year - one of them fatal.

Could classifying union vs. non-union jobs prevent construction deaths?

As we discussed in an earlier post, worker deaths are on the rise all over America. Amidst a rash of serious construction accidents in New York City, including multiple crane collapses, many people want answers. What's at the root of the problem? And what can be done to slow the increase of fatal accidents on work sites?

New York construction accidents outpace growth by a mile in 2016

In a recent post, we looked at alarming data from the AFL-CIO that showed increasing rates of workplace fatalities in the United States. Even with ongoing efforts to improve worker safety, more employees continue to die from avoidable workplace accidents and occupational diseases.

Can recent regulations make NYC cranes safer?

As the construction boom continues in the city that never sleeps, work sites are just a part of the landscape for most New Yorkers. It is easy to take these scenes for granted - but have you ever looked up at a large crane and thought about the person operating it? And the damage or death that could result depending on how that person performs?

When workers' comp isn't enough, NYC construction workers have options

Construction workers in New York City face hazards from every angle - whether working on the ground, in heavy traffic or from high places like roofs, ladders and scaffolding.

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