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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

5 tips to prevent a fall from scaffolding

Cold weather is here, and icy conditions won't be far behind. If you work in New York construction, you may find yourself exposed in the wind and rain on a scaffold before long. Unfortunately, falls still cause the most deaths in construction each year. There are steps you can take, however, to make sure you get back to the ground safely:

Five ways to protect yourself from a scaffolding injury

All five New York boroughs see a massive increase in construction throughout the summer months. In a short time, skilled construction workers create and amend essential buildings. Exteriors and roofs may require the use of scaffolding—putting you at risk while you’re elevated above a construction site.

Despite Benefits, Women Aren’t Joining NY’s Construction Industry

Ask a sample of young girls what they dream of doing when they grow up, and you will likely hear a wide variety of answers, ranging from “princess” to “teacher” to “doctor” to “professional athlete.” In all likelihood, however, “construction worker” will not be among the answers given.   

How does the summer months affect construction safety?

With summer quickly approaching, the hot weather months offer construction workers new challenges. Construction work-sites are hazardous by nature, but new difficulties arise when the weather changes and work zones are outside. A good way to avoid the trouble of workers compensation and personal injury claims is to know how to avoid accidents in the first place.

Historic Scaffold Law that protects NY workers is facing reform

Falls continue to be the number one cause of injuries and fatalities for New York construction workers. Construction is by nature a hazardous line of work. Workers are exposed to various safety threats, however working from heights continues to result in more deaths and injuries than anything else in the trade.

CDC announces national campaign construction fall prevention

Construction in the Big Apple is endlessly apparent as tower cranes are visible amongst skyscrapers and pedestrians dart under scaffolding. The ongoing building boom since 2012 has lead to more construction jobs. The growth and development means more jobs for construction workers but unfortunately construction injuries and deaths have risen as well.

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