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Whiplash following a car crash can cause significant problems

When people in New York get in their vehicles to drive, there are many things that they are thinking about. However, for the most part people are not thinking that they will be in a car crash. While every driver may know it's a possibility people generally do not think that they will actually be in one. It is a real possibility though and there are many car accidents each year. The damage caused by these accidents can range from relatively minor to extremely devastating and have many different outcomes in between the two extremes.

Truck runs off road, hits pedestrian and crashes into building

People in New York can try and plan for things as much as they can and take as many safety precautions as they can but, from time to time, even the safest people end up in accidents. This is because the actions of others are unpredictable, and people cannot plan for them and simply must react. Unfortunately, sometimes when people are simply reacting, they cannot do so fast enough and end suffering injuries as a result, some which can change people's lives.

How alcohol affects a driver's ability to drive safely

There are many different ways that people unwind or socialize. However, many of these activities involve drinking alcohol. This can be a way to let loose a little and relax and by itself is not a bad thing. However, drinking too much can cause problems for the people consuming alcohol. It could create social or employment problems depending on what occurs while people are drinking. Additionally, some decisions people make while they are intoxicated can be dangerous as well.

Bus crashes in bagel shop after being struck by another vehicle

There are many rules that drivers must follow when driving on New York roads. It is very important that people follow them because all the other drivers on the road trust drivers will do so and drive based on that understanding.

Proving negligence in a car accident

The New York roadways are busy and filled with motorists. While many follow the rules of the road and drive safely, others do not uphold their duty to drive safely. Whether it is a speeding driver, a driver cutting off another in traffic, failing to use a turn signal, turning when it is unsafe to do so, distracted driving or driving under the influence, a negligent driver could be the cause of a sudden and serious car accident.

Requirements for a claim for compensation after hit-and-run

There are many dangers on the road in New York and many negligent drivers. Due to this combination there are also many car accidents every year as well. The severity of the accidents does vary but in some instances people have significant damage to their vehicles and suffer severe injuries as a result. It is important that the victims are compensated for these injuries and that is why drivers in New York are required to have car insurance. They are also required to stay at the scene of an accident to provide the other driver with contact information.

How safe are self-parking features?

Whether you are new to driving in the city that never sleeps or you have negotiated the crowded streets for as long as you can remember, most drivers have some fear of parallel parking. Parking in the big city can seem like a fantasy. If you are lucky enough to find an empty place, you may question whether you will be able to maneuver your vehicle to fit.

Most common reasons that car accidents occur

When people get into their vehicles in New York, they usually are not thinking about getting into an accident They certainly take the proper precautions and follow the various laws to try and minimize the likelihood that they will be in a car accident, but usually people are simply thinking about getting to their destination. However, the reality is that every time people drive, there is a risk that they will get into an accident, even if they are driving perfectly.

70-year-old woman stuck by bus in Manhattan

New York City is a busy place. Any resident or tourist can attests to this. The roads are filled with cars, trucks, taxis, buses, cyclists and pedestrians. All forms of transportation need to coexist; however, the hustle and bustle of the city life can cause many distractions, sudden maneuvers and frustrations. Thus, it is very possible that a motorist fails to see another vehicle or pedestrian when traveling. And this situation could give rise to a very serious and even fatal collision.

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