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Premises Liability Archives

Facts on slip-and-fall accidents

Whether a person is deemed clumsy or not, falls happen. In some cases, a person is careless; however, in other matters, a slip and fall could be the result of the negligence of a property owner. When an individual enters the property of another, he or she expects to not encounter dangers and risks. Unfortunately, property owners may fail to notice or address these dangers, making visitors very vulnerable to these risks.

How can you assert a personal injury accident claim?

So you're walking the streets of New York, minding your own business, when suddenly you've fallen. Sharp pain shoots through one of your extremities, it all happened so fast, the only thing to focus on is the pain. You know you need to seek medical attention, immediately, so you do. After receiving care, you're wondering what exactly happened and how to move forward from here.

New York's premises liability laws can prove fault, seek damages

New York City is a busy and bustling place. With all the action, people and things happening, life moves pretty quick. However, it only takes an instant to be injured in a premises liability related incident. With all the people milling around Manhattan, property owners are expected to keep their properties maintained and up to date.

What could cause an outdoor slip and fall accident?

New Yorkers spend a lot of time walking to and from places. Whether it is from their residence to school, the subway to a store or a vehicle to his or her work, individuals in New York find themselves walking outside a lot of buildings, residences and establishments. While this seems like a normal and routine thing, the reality is that there are risks when even walking outside the property of others. A slip or a fall is often thought to occur indoors; however, they can also happen outside the premises.

Taking action following a slip and fall accident

For one reason or another, we enter the properties of others on a weekly or daily basis. Whether it is a business, restaurant, government building or the home of another, we expect certain things when we enter the premises of others. We are under the impression that the property is safe, not even considering that dangers could be lurking around the corner. Unfortunately, some property owners are negligent, causing visitors on the property to suffer serious injuries in an accident.

Premises liability action for slip-and-fall on a boat

Now that summer is upon us, more and more New York residents find ways to spend their days outdoors. Better yet, they look for ways to get out on the water. Whether it is a day cruise, a ferry or a public or private boat, being on the water is enjoyed by many. While boating is a common activity, many do not consider the risks associated with it. If the owner of a boat, no matter the size, does not ensure the safety of their passengers by ridding it of any risks or dangers, he or she could be liable for any injuries occurring on the boat.

Things to keep in mind regarding premises liability

Did you slip and fall while doing your holiday shopping? If you were injured because your grocery store didn't clean up that spill on aisle 3, or because the mall didn't shovel in front of its door, you could have a premises liability case.

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