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Premises Liability Archives

Holding a property owner liable in a premises liability action

We all likely enter the property of others on a daily or at least weekly basis. Whether you are going to work, school, shopping or to a friend's house, one is accustomed to entering another's property without issue. There is the underlying assumption that the property owner has taken measure to reduce and even eliminate any hazards or dangers that may be present on the property. Unfortunately, this is not always that case. A visitor could suffer a sudden and unexpected injury, giving rise to a premises liability action against the property owner.

Property owners' liability for injuries caused by crimes

There are many different crimes that occur through New York. Some affect only property such as theft and others affect other people physically such as assaults. However, no matter what type of crime occurred the victims of the crime can be left in a very difficult position. The victim could suffer both physical and financial hardships especially if they were attacked and required medical treatment for the injuries. After a crime sometimes it is difficult for the victim to receive compensation for their injuries, but the victim may have options.

Slip-and-fall accidents during winter months

In New York and other states across the nation, winter weather can cause hazards. For the most part, individuals think of the way snow and ice make road travel dangerous; however, it can make other places individuals are traveling by foot risky as well. Parking lots and sidewalks can get covered in snow and ice and snow filled boots can bring in waters indoors. While these are very common occurrences, when they do occur, property owners are expected to take action.

What duty of care do property owners owe to trespassers?

People in New York enter onto other people's property every day. Every time people go into a store, a restaurant, a movie theater or any other type of business they are entering onto another party's property. When they do this they expect the property owner will keep the property free of dangerous conditions to help ensure their safety. The property owners also have a duty to this in order to keep these invited guests safe. However, not everyone who enters onto another party's property is an invited guest.

What conditions make a slip-and-fall accident likely?

We all have to leave the house and head somewhere at some point. Whether that means going to work, school, the store, a friend's place or any other public or private location, individuals likely do not think about the potential dangers and risks that await them when they enter another person's property. Nonetheless, the reality is that there can be unsuspecting dangers. There could be a spill on the floor, torn carpet, poorly lit areas or a broken step, railing or sidewalk. Any of these hazards could cause a slip, trip and fall.

Helping you through a premises liability action after injury

New York is a large city that has many offerings. Whether it is an apartment building, restaurant, department store, office building or an attraction, residents and visitors of the city are constantly going in and out of public and private buildings. While many do not consider this to be a huge deal, the reality is that when a visitor enters the property of another, they are relying on that property owner to make sure their property is safe. Failing to do so could result in a wide range of accidents.

Assessing liability in a premises liability action

Whether we are headed to the store, a friend's house or an office building, most individuals in New York and elsewhere do not think about the potential dangers they could encounter when entering these properties. In fact, most visitors and guests are under the impression that these places are safe from hazards. Unfortunately, some property owners are negligent, resulting in serious accidents.

Facts on slip-and-fall accidents

Whether a person is deemed clumsy or not, falls happen. In some cases, a person is careless; however, in other matters, a slip and fall could be the result of the negligence of a property owner. When an individual enters the property of another, he or she expects to not encounter dangers and risks. Unfortunately, property owners may fail to notice or address these dangers, making visitors very vulnerable to these risks.

How can you assert a personal injury accident claim?

So you're walking the streets of New York, minding your own business, when suddenly you've fallen. Sharp pain shoots through one of your extremities, it all happened so fast, the only thing to focus on is the pain. You know you need to seek medical attention, immediately, so you do. After receiving care, you're wondering what exactly happened and how to move forward from here.

New York's premises liability laws can prove fault, seek damages

New York City is a busy and bustling place. With all the action, people and things happening, life moves pretty quick. However, it only takes an instant to be injured in a premises liability related incident. With all the people milling around Manhattan, property owners are expected to keep their properties maintained and up to date.

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