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Premises Liability Archives

Common accidents that occur while people are shopping

Online shopping is becoming a more popular way to shop in New York, but many people still go to physical stores in order to buy many of the items that they need. People still go to grocery stores for food, convenience stores, department stores for clothing, hardware stores, big box stores like Home Depot and many others. While in these stores they usually are focused on the items that they need to purchase, and are unaware that there are various dangers that can injure them.

How can you prove fault in a slip and fall accident?

For residents in New York, they do not often think about the potential injuries they could suffer when they enter the property of others. He or she is often focused on what they seek to buy when they enter a store, doing business at a company, enjoying food at a restaurant or spending time with a friend at their home. However, dangers could exist at these public and private places, and it is up to the property owner to remove or guard against these dangers. Thus, when a slip and fall occurs, and injured victim often questions whether it was the fault of the property owner.

Filing premises liability claims against the city

People in New York leave their homes almost every day. Once they leave their homes, they most likely walk or travel on both private and public property. When on these other properties they expect that they will be safe and that the owners of the various properties will fix damage or at least warn people of potential dangers. Unfortunately this does not always happen though and people suffer injuries on both public and private property.

The notice requirement for liability in slip-and-fall cases

There are many ways that people injure themselves in New York and most people will be injured at some point in time. Some of these injuries are caused by the person's own negligence, but in many other situations, people are injured because of other people's negligence. This could be a car accident caused by a driver who ran a red light, a doctor's mistake during a surgery, a property owner's failure to keep their property safe and other reasons.

How can you prove liability in a slip-and-fall action?

We all enter the property of others. This could be the neighbor's house, an office building, the grocery store, the post office or a restaurant. When visitors enter these properties, one is under the impression that they safe to enter and remain at these locations. Unfortunately, if a property owner does not take steps to protect against such injuries, it is possible to hold them responsible for any injuries that arise from an accident occurring on their property.

Who is responsible for the sidewalks in front of businesses?

There are many, many buildings in New York and many different purposes for these buildings. Many are residential apartment buildings or condos, but many others are commercial and are the homes to many different businesses. These could be businesses which rent office space on floors high above the streets or it can be retail stores and other businesses which have entrances on the street level. All businesses have a duty to keep the space they rent free from dangerous conditions, but people need to walk on the sidewalks in front of the businesses in order to get to the business.

Holding a property owner liable in a premises liability action

We all likely enter the property of others on a daily or at least weekly basis. Whether you are going to work, school, shopping or to a friend's house, one is accustomed to entering another's property without issue. There is the underlying assumption that the property owner has taken measure to reduce and even eliminate any hazards or dangers that may be present on the property. Unfortunately, this is not always that case. A visitor could suffer a sudden and unexpected injury, giving rise to a premises liability action against the property owner.

Property owners' liability for injuries caused by crimes

There are many different crimes that occur through New York. Some affect only property such as theft and others affect other people physically such as assaults. However, no matter what type of crime occurred the victims of the crime can be left in a very difficult position. The victim could suffer both physical and financial hardships especially if they were attacked and required medical treatment for the injuries. After a crime sometimes it is difficult for the victim to receive compensation for their injuries, but the victim may have options.

Slip-and-fall accidents during winter months

In New York and other states across the nation, winter weather can cause hazards. For the most part, individuals think of the way snow and ice make road travel dangerous; however, it can make other places individuals are traveling by foot risky as well. Parking lots and sidewalks can get covered in snow and ice and snow filled boots can bring in waters indoors. While these are very common occurrences, when they do occur, property owners are expected to take action.

What duty of care do property owners owe to trespassers?

People in New York enter onto other people's property every day. Every time people go into a store, a restaurant, a movie theater or any other type of business they are entering onto another party's property. When they do this they expect the property owner will keep the property free of dangerous conditions to help ensure their safety. The property owners also have a duty to this in order to keep these invited guests safe. However, not everyone who enters onto another party's property is an invited guest.

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