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Top ten OSHA safety violations at workplaces

Over the years it may seem like there have been more and more safety regulations put in place in New York. While sometimes this may seem excessive and can make a project take longer to complete than a worker may want, the regulations are in place to ensure all workers' safety. When these are not followed people can suffer accidents as a result and sometimes suffer significant injuries as a result.

Workers' compensation and Section 32 Waivers

Employees in New York have many rights. These include rights to be paid minimum wages and for pay if they work over a certain number of hours. They also cannot be discriminated against for a variety of reasons including age, race, gender, religion, disability and other protected factors. They cannot be retaliated against for making complaints or for exercising their rights. They are also entitled to workers' compensation benefits if they are injured while they are working.

Helping you get the workers' comp benefits you deserve

When a worker in New York is hired, his or her benefits are explained. In most cases, the topic of worker's compensation is discussed and explained. While most employees do not think they will ever have to use these benefits, the reality to that workplace accidents do occur. This can leave an injured worker not only dealing with the pain and suffering associated with the injury but also the financial harms caused by it.

Process for workers' compensation hearings and appeals

Everyone in New York will get hurt at some point in time in their lives. When this occurs it will affect people's lives. It could be very minor and simply require putting a band aid on it or having a minor irritation when doing certain activities. On the other end of the spectrum, injuries can completely change people's lives and they may never be the same again, permanently prohibiting from doing certain things or using certain body parts. In between these two extremes the severity can vary greatly.

Workers with occupational diseases may receive compensation

People in New York have many different types of jobs and work in many different types of environments. Some work in offices, retail stores, at construction sites, in manufacturing plants, warehouses and in many other types of environments. These various types of environments mean that workers will be exposed to different elements and potential dangers.

How much can one receive through workers' compensation benefits?

There are many different ways that people are injured in New York. Sometimes it is the victim's fault completely and sometimes the injury is due to the negligence of another. When another person or entity is responsible for causing the injury the victim may be entitled to compensation for their injuries, but in many situations they will have to prove fault. However, there are certain situations when the victim may be entitled to compensation regardless of who caused the accident.

Protections for construction workers who fall

There are many construction projects going on at any given time in New York. These construction projects can have benefits not only for the owner of the property who will end up with a new or remodeled building, but also the construction companies and the construction workers who earn their income working on these construction projects.

Basic process for a workers' compensation claim

People in New York go to work each day and generally go in thinking about what they have to do for the day. Most are not thinking about their safety. However, some jobs are more inherently dangerous than others and, unfortunately, workplace accidents occur from time to time. Some of these accidents result in injuries to the employees and some can be very devastating for the employee. They may cause the worker to incur significant medical bills and miss time at work.

How common are falls in the workplace?

New York city is filled with a wide array of jobs and work environments. Whether a person works in an office, at a factory or in construction, there are a variety of risks that workers face on a daily basis. In some cases, these risks are more apparent and much more serious; however, a serious work injury could happen in any setting and in any industry.

Workplace injuries in a small business setting

In New York and elsewhere, residents wake up on a weekly basis, heading to work. Whether one works par-time, full-time or overtime, a worker in any type of industry could face risks and dangers in the work environment. Just as a person working at a construction site at great heights faces workplace dangers, a person working in an office setting is also prone to encounter risks in the workplace.

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